Friday Feature! ~ GoldiLocks N Me!!

Oh goodness! Is it friday already?!?! Well do I have a treat for you! Please read on for an awesome interview with the mama from Goldilocks *N* Me ....

What is your daily hair routine?

It varies greatly!  It depends on whether or not Goldilocks has a style in.  If she does, then I just give her hair a quick moisturizing spray.  Right now I'm using Shea Moisture Hold and Shine Moisturizing Hair Mist.  But I've also made my own spritz out of water and conditioner before.  If she doesn't have a style her daily style will depend on whether or not she has school and I'll incorporate a moisturizer into the styling process.  Usually SM Curl and Style Milk.  For school I'll mainly stick to ponytails or whatever I can accomplish in the 5 minutes I have for hair!  If it's a Saturday and we have no plans I'll just do 1 or 2 braids.  And for Sundays I'll do something nice for church.  Many of the pictures in our style gallery on facebook are Sunday styles.

Do you have any other "routines" that you add to that, but don't do every day? If so, what are they?

I wash Goldilocks' hair weekly and cowash mid-week (between our shampoo washes).  After washing and conditioning I'll apply moisturizer and then usually band her hair in 2 sections to prepare for styling in the morning.

Do you use chemicals in your hair? 

No I don't.  She's only 6 and I feel like that is way too young.  

Do you use heat (hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc) on her hair?

I have used heat on her hair before.  The last time was almost a year ago (Easter).  I generally would flat iron her hair for Easter and Christmas each year but last Christmas we used our awesome no-heat curlers instead :)
You have curly hair, too! Have you ever straightened YOUR hair? Why or why not? What are your thoughts on straightening curly hair?

I straighten my hair all the time.  Average would probably be every other month or so.  And it is out of sheer laziness.  I have a LOT of hair and it's a bit much to deal with this much hair every day when it's left curly.  I've been making an effort to wear my hair natural more though, and I'm planning a big chop in the very near future to make it a bit quicker to deal with.  I don't have any problems with adults straightening their hair.  I try not to do it too frequently though because heat damage can ruin the curl structure.  

What is your favorite way to wear your hair?

That's tough.  I like my hair straight because it's easy.  But I love the compliments I get when I get those curls poppin'!  

What do you like best about your curls?

That they're so healthy.  My hair is thick and can take a lot of abuse, like all that flat-ironing, and still thrive.

What is the worst hair advice you've ever received?

Nobody's ever really offered me any advice that I can think of!  Not bad advice anyway.  Maybe I'm unapproachable??  I have had a bad hair experience though.  When Goldilocks was about 2, she and her big bro were in an in-home daycare.  One day I came to pick the kids up after work and G's hair was in a different style than when I'd dropped them off that morning.  It was in a TIGHT side ponytail.  The daycare lady informed me that her daughter (a 9 year old) had been "just a'combing on her hair alllllll day long!!"  I almost had a breakdown at the fact that my baby had probably been tortured getting her hair pulled on for the whole entire day.  Can you imagine?!  I not so nicely informed them that my child was not a doll and she was not to touch her hair again.  We left that daycare soon after for other reasons. 

If there was one thing you could say or one tip you could give a young person with curls, what would it be?

To embrace them.  Put effort into finding out what styles and products will work for your hair to bring out its full potential so you can love it.  Don't be embarrassed to ask your curly friends what they use on their hair.  Go on blogs and youtube (with your parent's permission/ supervision!) and find cute hairstyles that will work for your hair type.  

If there was one thing you could say or one tip you could give to the Parents of young children with curls, what would it be?!

Moisture, moisture moisture!  If you don't know how to care for curls, don't be afraid to ask.  You'd be surprised at how much info you can get from a simple "curly hair care" inquiry on a search engine!  Gather info from a few different sources before making any drastic changes to your regimen.  Hair blogs and youtube are great resources.

Anything else you would like to add that I haven't thought to ask?!

Well, just that I'm really happy that I've discovered how to take proper care of my family's curls.  I'm still learning but I'm worlds ahead of where I used to be!

Would you mind showing us some of GDL's styles?!
Sure! The styles are:
2 laced cornrows on wash and go curls, 
slide braid to 4 strand/3d braid, and 
cage braid to fishtailed milkmaid braids

Simply amazing!! You really have talent for unique, fun styles! Thank you so much for sharing Goldilocks with us!

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