A New Year ~ A New Start

Wow! Christmastime was busy for us this year! Not at all in the way we expected, but still crazy.  I'm still reeling!!   I hope the New Year has been treating all my precious followers well so far!! I'd love to hear about your Christmases and New Year's celebrations in the comments!!!

This new year is feeling different to me than many others in the past. A new calendar hasn't often made me feel like busting out the new years resolutions in the past. And prior to January 1st, 2012, I didn't think this time would be any different.

Maybe it's just my mood of the evening ;-)

Or maybe I'm finally getting to a stage in life where a new start is welcome and needed!! hahaha!!

I haven't made a list of resolutions. But I think I almost could! My new start for 2012 will include new things to learn! I need to learn about cutting curly hair. I need to learn how to be a better marketer for my doula business and my baltic amber store! I want this year to be new as far as GOALS! I want to get better at setting small attainable goals that all move in baby steps toward the big goals.

I've not been great in the past at looking farther down my potential life path than a year.... maybe two. But I think it's time to start something new! Long term plans! haha!!

I have had some ideas and inspiration for this blog ... but I haven't been good about getting them done. I need a new start to that! I want to accomplish my desires!

I have a new office. and a special drawer dedicated to Curly Hairdo Ideas! Let's hope my newfound desire for organization helps!! hahaa!!

Anyway, here's to a new start ~ a new year! Here's to taking baby steps and accomplishing dreams!!!



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