Locks of Love Haircut... for me!

I have a history of long hair....

Even waaaaay back when I was a kid I had long hair.

Well eventually that gets old and you just need some variety, right?! So one day, years ago, I chopped 10 inches off at a hair salon in a mall. and I sent that ponytail to Locks of Love!

That started a chain of events! I do enjoy long hair. and I do enjoy variety!

This was me in December.....

Getting my hair styled professionally as you can see!

AND .... here I am tonight! After a visit to a "real" hair salon that is NOT in a mall... hehehe!!

My dear hubby is very proud of his double-chin-less photo angles!! I have to say I am too! 

and as soon as I mail it off I can proudly say I have donated FOUR 10 inch ponytails over the years! and I intend to keep it up! Variety in hair length suits me well. :)

Have you ever donated hair?? Why or why not? What organization did you use, if you have?!

If you want to know more about Locks of Love, please visit their website!

and make sure you check out the awesome Hair Donation details over at my blogging friend's blogs! Girly and Curly  and   Tweeny Hair!! These ladies (and their daughters) are so awesome!  I don't know what I'd do without blogging friends! Love you girls!!


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