Quick and Easy Protective Hairstyle for Toddler!

Need a hairstyle for traveling? This toddler with curly hair was about to spend the better part of 3 days in a carseat! and you *know* what carseats do to curly hair! Or any hair for that matter.....

I needed a quick protective hairstyle because I didn't have much time to prepare and spend hours braiding before we left.

and of course I wanted it to look cute while we were on vacation! I also wanted to show off her curls a little once we got there.... so the second day I unbraided the tails and spritzed with water and we had bouncy curls! (yet with the top still protected!)

For the drive home I put each tail back into one braid so we had NO loose curly toddler hair for the carseat to damage!  Very successful, I thought!

What's your favorite "go-to" quick and easy protective style?


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