Dance Hair for Little Girls

I love dance! I loved being in dance class when I was younger - and I love that Q is now old enough to be in dance class! Not only do I want to pass on my love of dance and movement, but it's so fun watching her learn .... and get all dressed up her cute little outfits!  Ok, Ok, but the best part every week is doing her hair - you got me! Coming up with new and creative little dance hair styles for my little girl is so fun! The only "rule" for dance hair at our dance school is that it be up.

That leaves the options pretty much wide open!

Now don't get me wrong, there are days we just run out the door and hope we make it on time, regardless of hair, but when I can I like to give her a unique dance hairstyle for my little girl!

I've been hearing about these sock bun hairstyles for awhile - but had never tried one.

Until now! I just found a tutorial on youtube (I don't even remember which one, sorry!) and copied her version of how to do a sock bun.

I used an old sock of Q's, but now I see why they sometimes say to use a tube sock - see how the right side is bigger? That's the side that the heel was on! 

All in all I think the sock bun hairstyle makes a wonderful, classic dance hairstyle for little girls! It's just so sweet and innocent. I (of course) love her curls too much, so instead of tucking the ends in I left the curl out to play. 

Q also had a few braids in that day so we just left them. I think they added a nice little touch to this little girls dance hairstyle! A touch a of "spunk" in that classic hairdo!

p.s. What do you think of her outfit? It's hard to see in these pictures, but it's an old gymnastics outfit from when I was a little girl! haha!! Thanks, Mom!


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