Not Hair - But TOTALLY inspiring!!

Oh WOW!! 

So as you may or may not know, I'm *this* close to being a certified DONA International Doula!! Well it's been a very addicting career change and I'm constantly looking up information and inspiration for my clients - my friend/business partner and I have a new blog and facebook page totally devoted to educational articles and photos, etc.

WELL..... I just got done watching this video and it's AMAZING! WAAAAY too good to not share with everyone I know! So, here you go!!

Please share it with anyone who'd be willing to watch - especially those expecting multiples!


  1. I had my twins at 35 weeks, baby B was breech. My OB wanted to do a c-section. He wasn't on call, so the Dr. who was on call said, "I've done this before, no need to have a c-section." Thank heavens! I loved not having to have surgery. :) Good luck with your certification!


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