Braid Out Waves - Styled!

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Did you see our last style where I copied Piggy Back Halo from Intermittent Babbling?  I did it with Box Braids! 

But then I thought some variety would be nice, so here's the same toddler hairstyle but with twists and braid out waves!

Technically this picture was just in the "getting ready" stages.... I think these braid out waves are the the best we've ever had from box braids (and no cornrows)

Braid Out Waves

Pretty big braid out waves if you ask me!

And here's the Halo toddler hairstyle, complete with BRAID OUT WAVES!!!

Braid Out Waves

In keeping with the copy cat style I put her braid out waves in a ponytail and made a big poofy bun out of the ends. (not too tight, we want the waves visible!)

and I would have added beads on the end of that twist (I thought that was SO cute on the original style!) But we didn't have any with us and weren't at home.

Braid Out Waves

Then she wanted the bun out.....

Braid Out Waves

Then she wanted the ponytail out.....

Braid Out Waves

Can you tell she's 3 years old now? So opinionated!  But it's ok, I think braid out waves are cute no matter how they're styled!

Braid Out Waves

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  1. This is awesome! I love how big her hair got. She is so cute and knows how she wants her hair!


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