Boar Bristle Brush results

We recently did a pre-poo oil hair conditioning treatment (if you wanna call it a "treatment"!) on Q's hair and now it's so so soft!

Every once in awhile when her hair is dry I like to use our natural boar bristle brush. The natural bristles help distribute the hairs natural oils. This is especially helpful with curly hair because curly hair is typically more dry than straight - one theory on that is that gravity can't help spread out the oils as much! That the curves and kinks stop it from reaching the ends of the hair.

Doesn't it make her hair look so straight?! and no heat used to get it this straight. Her hair really straightens with braid outs sometimes - then when I added the boar bristle brush to the mix.... if you saw her on the street today you probably wouldn't think "I bet that girl has curly hair"!!

I spritzed it with water and almond oil in the picture below - just a bit, because I wanted SOME curl to show back up!

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