Happy Mother's Day!

This is a little girls curly hairstyle I did the other day sort of by accident! Here's the story... so my mom mentioned side ponytails the other day. I was never a big fan of side ponytails (having grown up my younger years in the '80's) so I haven't done many true, pure side ponytails on Q. I have done a few variations, but nothing straight up side ponytail.

So today, in honor of Mothers' Day.... here's a side ponytail for my mom!

Now I said this was by accident, right? Well I've never straightened Q's curly hair so smoothly like this before because I didn't want to pull it.

The night before this hairstyle I had given Q a pre-poo oil treatment to soften and strengthen her curly hair. When I washed out the oils with a nice delicate, but somewhat stripping shampoo that has worked well for us doing this before - all the oils didn't come out of her hair near her head!!

She's only 2, and she doesn't love her hair being washed, so I knew it would be asking too much to make her wash it again right away. And the ends of her hair were SO soft and clean they definitely didn't need anything more.

So I thought "oh well!" and went ahead to style her hair the way it was.  As I was looking at it... a thought occurred to me. Q's other Grandma (where she inherited this amazing head of curly hair!) has mentioned that as a young girl she would brush her curly hair 100 strokes every night before bed.

I've also heard that natural bristle brushes are good for your hair because they even out the natural oils and help spread it through - giving you natural shine.

I've never done that. I only comb Q's hair when it is wet to avoid damaging it! Right? Welllll....her hair was so well detangled and so soft and healthy looking. and it was oily on top. hmmm. That oil needed to be distributed, or at least, it wouldn't hurt if it was!

and I have a natural bristle brush! for my own straight hair.

So I did the un-thinkable! I brushed my daughter's dry curly hair! SHOCKING! I know!!! But It worked! I used the bristle brush, very very gently. It didn't pull or snag or tangle her curls.

As you can see the oils left in her hair gave it a very smooth and shiny look and left her puff of curls just as soft as silk!

There we have it! In honor of my Mothers! a brushed side ponytail.  I LOVED it! Gee, who knew moms were so smart anyway??

So to all the moms out there, Have a very blessed Mothers' Day!!


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