Friday Feature ~ My Girls

Friday Feature! The series where YOU are the star! Every friday I like to feature someone else, someone just like you! (if you want to BE the Featured Follower please email me at curlyhairdoideas@yahoo .com - with "Friday Feature" in the subject line! I can't do Fridays without you!)

Today's featured stylist was 4 years old at the time (she just had a birthday!) .... and full of enthusiasm! Meet ...


Miss E and little Q

Q's curls were very detangled before I let Miss E have her turn - and she used lots of water and a wooden wide tooth comb! My little prodigies! 

I will admit though I could only handle the combed straight look *so* long and soon rejuvenated her curls again!

(I think whatever movie Q was watching finally captivated Miss E's attention, too!)

Do you let other people play with your girls' curly hair?


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