CUTE Hair Accessories!! ~ Sevastiana Review

I recently was honored with the chance to review some amazing new hair clips from

Zero Slip. Total Splendor.

I have to say these are among the most unique clips I've ever seen. I think "Hair Art" would be a better description than anything! They look amazing on the website and they are priceless in person.

Not to mention they arrive in such adorable bags and boxes. I guess I have to admit I really like good presentation from a company! If the package arrives looking nice I feel like they took time to make the product great as well. First impressions are just first impressions - but they have an impact! 

Besides, it shows that the person who packaged it (made it?) also thinks it's something precious. That feeling is transferred to me when I open it and see that it's been loved already and yet it's brand new!

The first clip I tried was the Sequin Lily clip. How cute is that?! The pictures on Q just don't do the clip justice.

I will say, tho, this clip worked much better on straight hair. The curls wanted to get caught in the sequins! I also tried this sequin hair clip as an accessory to a hairstyle that had more of her curls pulled back and "contained", as you can see below...

Much better! There were fewer curls flying around all day to get stuck in the sequins.

and here is the same clip on baby fine straight hair. It never moved out of place once! Very impressive.

(Isn't she a doll?! Way too precious. Not mine, though. I just get to "borrow" her every once in awhile. Thanks Crysta!)

Here are some more adorable hair clips we were blessed to be able to try!


(above) This was the moment we opened the package! We were so excited! This snap clip did pull Q's hair a little bit. It could get caught on the ends of the clip - however if she hadn't tried yanking it out on her own every time, I doubt we would have had that issue!

(below) I don't have a good picture of Q wearing the hat but we were marching in a parade recently and Q had her hair in two low braids with her straw hat clipped to one of the braids! Very appropriate and adorable, if I do say so myself!

I found with the French Barrette style clip that unless I used a good amount of hair that the clip liked to slip down. I also found that with the snap clip (ladybug) the less hair I tried to include, the better it stayed. Which is good to know before you purchase!

This butterfly clip is so delicate and precious. It's perfect for a subtle, dainty touch. It would be so sweet on a little baby! and the non-slip grip works so well you'd hardly need any hair to keep it in.

I have to make a note, too, that these clips all stayed in place really well in my daughter's hair. Sevastiana has a special non-slip grip that they add to each clip and I found it to be very useful! Read more about that on their website. 

This shot shows the back of the clips. You can see the non-slip grip as well as their signature flower. That magic little added touch they put on every Sevastiana piece of artwork.

You may have heard of my attention to product ingredients and how they affect our health in past reviews and posts - well who knew that would even cross over into the realm of accessories?!  Here's what Sevastiana has to say, "All Sevastiana hair accessories are made of finest and safe materials that do not contain lead or other dangerous substances. We use non-toxic glue only." YAY!! I honestly haven't thought about glue or lead or anything before ... I'm glad they made a note of it for me!

I absolutely loved these flowers. My hubby and I lived in Hawaii for awhile shortly after we were married and these flowers remind me of Hawaii! Of course, anything that reminds me of that beautiful place and that beautiful time is a GREAT addition to my life!  I love sticking Q's flower in her ear and pretending we're dancing on the beach feeling the warm sand between our toes while the sun sets against the horizon casting shimmering splashes of violet and pink and blue cascading around the world .... as far as the eye can see ...

 Which design is YOUR favorite? There are LOTS more on the website, too! Go check them out!


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