Top 50 Hair Blogs & Articles! Do YOU have a blog?

I got the sweetest email on Thursday! Lori from wrote to say that she had compiled a list of the Top 50 Hair Blogs and Articles on her own website. and Curly Hairdo Ideas made the cut!

She is/was using our old name of Curly Q's Hairdos - but we'll let it go this time...!  Hopefully it is or will be amended soon! (because the intent is to one day not be hosted by blogger and not have the curlyqs in the url anymore, just be Curly Hairdo Ideas through and through! .... but now I'm rambling....)

I'm so flattered! and I love the description of us, too! Definitely go take a look and see what other hair blogs are out there.

That said, there were a LOT of blogs I didn't see on the list  - but then maybe they're just so new that didn't/doesn't know about them yet!

Anyway, that got me thinking that it would be fun to do a Roll Call and see who all here blogs! So please chime in in the comments or on Facebook! ...

Do YOU blog?! About anything?! Hair, cars, mommyhood, the history of paper, etc? Let us know and let's all go check out some new blogs!!

(I still can't believe I made the Top 50 Hair Blogs list! aaaahhhhhh!  Wooo!)


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