My Reasons for using Natural/Organic Hair Products

This topic came up on another hair blog the other day and this was my response - I thought it might be an interesting thing to share here as well! I know I talk all the time about ingredients in hair products and what to look out for, ingredients to avoid and harmful ingredients in hair products... but then I thought maybe I should write down in one place for you my reasons for using natural and organic hair products!

So here is what I wrote:

I saw a youtube video once of a hair blogger (don't know who, I don't do the youtube vids much) but she had a very good/cute video about "Do You" - it was all about taking in whatever info you got, process it through your own situation and desires and then, "Do YOU!" :D Very empowering.

We definitely should learn from others and gleen all the knowledge we can, because being well informed is never bad! and knowledge is power, etc, BUT at the end of the day we have to do what WE want with OUR hair - not feel obligated to do what someone else says is best.

All that said, the reason I do use the organic and natural products actually has nothing to do with them performing better - or even as well as other stuff - I just don't like the potential health problems that may (or may not) be linked to so many ingredients. I have only used something "mainstream" on Q's hair ONCE - and I certainly don't intend to make a habit of it! I watch our lotions, handsoaps, body soaps, bubble bath, laundry detergent, household frangrances, lip balm, etc! to try to keep our exposure to chemicals at a minimum. THAT's why I think hair products fall into the line of things to be watchful of. I mean we use them everyday!

After using even a small amount of a questionable ingredient for 20 or 30 or 50 years - what will that do to my little one's health? What will it do to my own health? At this point I'd rather not test it out! lol!
There you have it! My reasons for using natural and organic hair products. It has acutally NOTHING to do with performance in our hair, or what the products do, or how well they "work"  (I've really had great experience in that area though) it's all about cutting down on harmful toxic exposure in general.

Here is a list of just a few health problems that have been linked back to ingredients found in common hair products:

Reproductive issues/Infertility
Early puberty
harm to the brain and nervous system
Biochemical or cellular level changes
... and many more!

So, What are YOUR thoughts?!


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