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Five Tips For Flying With Kids

Flying with kids is not for the fainthearted. In fact, many parents choose to avoid long trips to minimize the mayhem for themselves and their fellow passengers. However, air travel with children doesn't have to be a disaster if you follow these handy tips.

1. Schedule Trips Carefully
If your kids have an eating and sleeping routine, then try to plan your trip to minimize any disruption. Tired, hungry kids make for horrendous trips and you can save yourself a lot of hassle by booking flights to coincide with naps and sleep times. Make sure your kids don't miss any meals, even if that means feeding them while you're standing in the bag drop line. Midweek flights are also a great option, as these tend to be emptier, making it easier for your kids to distract themselves by walking around the plane. (There will also be fewer people to annoy if your kids are noisy.)

2. Stock Up
Stocking up is not just about food and snacks, though these are essential. After all, if you don't enjoy airplane food, why should your kids? Take plenty of diapers for young kids, more than you would normally need, and make sure you have a few changes of clothes. When you're on a plane, drinks spill and little tummies can find the motion too much to bear, so be prepared.  A good tip is to have something your children can suck in case the air pressure affects their ears on take off and landing. Solving this problem can completely change your air travel experience - for the better!

3. Comfortable Seating
As a parent, if your child is comfortable, you are too - and that means different things depending on the age and size of your child. Young babies can have their car seat strapped onto a bulkhead shelf so they ride in comfort and safety. They can see you and you don't have to have them on your lap. If a bulkhead seat won't work, then you may have to have your young child on your lap, but if it's possible, do yourself a favor and buy a seat for your child. A long flight with a squirming child is no fun for anyone.

4. Pre-Warn Your Kids
Most kids react better when they know what's going to happen, so don't plan any surprises. Instead, talk to your kids about the upcoming flight, the security arrangements and so on, so that they are prepared for what will happen. If you've ever seen a child scream because her favorite doll was being x-rayed, you'll know the value of preparation. Chances are, your kids will love the airport, because it's a new environment with plenty to see and do.

5. Bribery
Did I say bribery? What I really meant was entertainment. The only good surprises for kids are new toys, games and books. Keep some of those on hand for the trip. Don't hand them out till you get on the plane, and have one new thing for every half hour of the trip. That will keep your kids from getting bored, and will allow you all to enjoy the trip in peace and tranquility.

 This was a guest post by Josh who works with Kids Chair World and also advises to a company called Milk


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