Easy Hairstyle ~ Get Up and Go!

and a Braid Out! This style is a nice and easy hairstyle, partially because it IS a Braid Out and therefore no detangling and extra curl fussing necessary!

First I took out her current style (you could just leave this front braid in, really, to make this style REALLY super easy!)

I was very careful in taking out her previous style to preserve the wave pattern left from the braids.  As you can see though in the next picture, the right side of her head had less braids, so the hair is straighter!! oh well.

Then I braided a Normal 3 strand braid. I wanted this braid to have a loose look, to keep the wave pattern still slightly noticeable. I did not add a hair elastic at the end of the braid. Gotta keep it an easy hairstyle, right?!

So just clip it where you want it!

and one more for good measure.

There we have it. A simple, easy hairstyle perfect for Braid Outs, or lazy days! Accessories needed? Just ONE snap clip!


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