Dry Scalp or Cradle Cap?

I saw a funny colored something on Q's scalp the other day as I braided some cornrows and box braids. I wasn't sure what it was! She did have a bit of Cradle Cap when she was younger, but after our home remedy treatment for cradle cap it disappeared and has never returned.

Until now, it seemed.

Well I had a lot of her braids in by the time I decided that cradle cap it must be and that I would treat it the same as I had previously.  oooh, yeah, ... that meant I would need to oil, gently scrub, and wash her hair - I had just braided a Ton of braids! (Click HERE for our complete suggested treatment.)

So I decided to wait until I took the style out. I don't usually keep them in too long, so a couple more days wouldn't hurt anything.

While she had her little toddler box braids in I was spritzing once or twice a day (or when I though of it) with our homemade lavendar braid spray. (I will definitely be including the almond oil everytime - I think it was the main benefit this time around!)


After a few days I realized something.... the "Cradle Cap" was GONE!

What?!?!?! I looked again, I searched for it! But Nothing. Not a single piece of dry skin to be seen!

What did I learn about Natural Hair Care from this? Cradle Cap might not always be cradle cap (or at least not something that must be "removed") - and it's Very important to keep the scalp moisturized! In all our care of the hair itself, are we paying attention to the scalp it grows out of?!

I know I will pay more attention now!  Has anyone else had this happen? How much attention do you give your scalp? Or your little's one's?



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