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Today I'm sharing the stage with Robin! She has debunked some Baby Hair Myths for us! Read on....  and let us know your experiences and thoughts in the comments!
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Baby Hair Beliefs Examined

Baby Hair Belief #1Don’t cut her hair because the curls won’t grow back!
                 Many moms assume that if their babies have curly hair, they have curly hair, and nothing, including a close encounter with the shears, will change that. This isn’t always so. While some little one’s curls do come back after a haircut, many do not. So if curls are important to parents, they might do well to put off that first haircut for as long as possible. Some suggest that the clue lies in where the curls lie. If your child’s curls are mostly at the end of his or her strands, then those curls are in danger. If your child has a whole head of curls, then his or her curls are safe.

Baby Hair Belief #2If you have heartburn, your baby will be born with a lot of hair.
              I was so excited to debunk this belief and set the record straight once and for all. There’s just one problem. It might be true. A 2007 Johns Hopkins study reported that the old wives’ tale is true. So, if you are pregnant and having a lot of heartburn, be sure to stock up on barrettes!

Baby Hair Belief #3“No tears” shampoo contains an anesthetic so that baby can’t feel the pain!
                This is a lie that, I’m assuming, was created by shampoo competitors. I first heard this directly from a salesperson who was trying to sell me a non-no-tears shampoo for my baby, and I’m ashamed to say, I believed it. But it’s not true. No tears shampoos do not contain an anesthetic. They are simply formulated with a pH that closely matches the pH of tears.

Baby Hair Belief #4If you shave your baby’s head, his hair will grow in thicker and faster.
          This is not true. I’m a little bit nervous to stomp on this belief, as so many people believe it, but the doctors say that there’s just no merit to this practice. If you want to shave your baby’s head, go ahead, but it won’t make his or hair grown any faster. Sorry.

Robin Merrill is a mother of two toddlers with awesome hair. She can usually be found blogging at uBaby, a site dedicated to helping every woman enjoy a healthy pregnancy.



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