Toddler Hair Twists to Ponytail

This one is definitely quick and easy!

With all the talk of going back to school, Q and I have been feeling a bit left out... since we don't go to school, ya know :) She just turned 2 after all. But I thought we could do some fun new "back to school" hairdo's anyway! :D

Requirements? Quick and cute! right?
and it just so happens to be that my all time favorite style is anything that keeps her hair out of her eyes (she doesn't like that) and lets her curls flow free!


To get this look we sectioned (not parted - notice there are no straight lines!) out three pieces of hair to twist. Each section was then divided into two strands. Each strand was twisted individually to the right....and then around each other to the left!

Confusing enough yet? I should have taken step by step photos! 
(Let me know if you want them or think they'd be helpful)

I held each twist together with a little clip until all 3 were completed.

Then we pulled the twists over to the side with some hair underneath and put it all in a ponytail! 
Remove the temporary clips and you're done!

Q picked the butterfly to match her dress :)

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  1. That's cute and quick I'll do it on miss Cay's hair.

  2. Oh, that IS cute! Cool, actually. The only question is how you get her to sit still for long enough to achieve that! :)

  3. Thanks girls! :D

    Actually this one didn't take too long so her attention span with the movie she was watching matched my attention span with her hair! ;)

    Right now hair time is also movie time... we only watch TV or movies when I'm doing Q's hair, so it's sort of a novelty. Plus the motion on the tv keeps her head in place because she's not looking around picking up toys, trying to stretch away from me, etc.

  4. For more ideas on Keeping Baby Still check out the Tips and Tricks page under the header! ;)

  5. Quick, easy and cute! I love it!!


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