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I receive this email the other day from a Curly Hairdo Ideas reader - and I just wanted to share it because I was so honored! (Yes, I asked Brandi first :) ) When I started the blog I was thinking of doing mostly just styles, and styles that would keep little baby hair out of their cute faces! Well the styles kept coming but the curly hair became a thing of it's own as well! I've been loving what I'm learning about caring for curls and applying a lot of it to my straight hair, too. It's fun to hear that my 'lil ideas can be versatile! Curly or Straight! :D Thanks, Brandi!!

Here's what she wrote:

Hi there!

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog! My daughter has board-straight hair (with a few ringlets in the back) and I still use your blog for ideas on how to keep her hair out of her eyes. We went to her 3rd birthday party outdoors today and step ponies were the perfect way to keep her hair back without it getting messy or falling out. Thanks so much!


For all out posts with the label Step Ponies, go HERE! Brandi actually used the idea and did something different, so play around! and feel free to share your photos! 



  1. Yes I love that the styles can use on both types of hair. My friend comes with her daughter over and often comments on Avi's hair. I'll offer to do the same hairdo on her daughter's hair who is very straight and it works out great. I'm not a mom for giving my girls bangs so your styles are great for keeping the long hair out of their eyes. Keep up the great ideas! :)

  2. Thanks for featuring my letter and all the good tips! Sorry that the image didn't go through in a useful way... Here's a url to it:

    And I had to be creative with how to put it together because she was not happy it was taking so long, lol.

  3. Thanks :D

    I got the picture in there now! Yay! :) Yeah, we had to be creative today, too. Play Dough actually worked really well....


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