How to style little girls' curly hair without using elastic bands?

So, I was inspired by a challenge awhile ago over at Beads, Braids and Beyond... it was a protective style challenge and part of it was that you weren't allowed to use hair elastics!

WHAT?!? I know! Now with ultra curly hair, or kinky hair, braids and twists and other styles sometimes stay put without the use of elastics to hold them.
(Isn't that amazing?! For anyone here with straight hair or wavy hair, you are probably as flabbergasted as I was! It's true! Some hair will even hold beads in with NO ELASTICS!  ok, so obviously I haven't gotten over my excitement about that.)

But, alas, that is not the kind of curly hair we have in this house! So lately I've been toying with that idea some more... Is there a way that I could style Q's curly hair that we wouldn't need elastics for?

The obvious answer is Yes.

There are clips! Snap clips, claw clips, barrettes.
But these can still be damaging, depending on the clip of course.

However, the biggest downfall with these is that Q just won't leave them in her hair! I don't know what it is, but she always tries to pull clips out. Talk about hair damage! (oh the ripping and pulling! ouch!!)

Then, I saw these....

(Not the greatest picture, sorry - it's hard to see the pin! But it curves around in about 3 loops - so to get it in your hair you have to spin it.)

Conair's spin pins. They have a pretty little diamond on them :) I'm sure they are meant to be just an added accessory once the style is completed.  
But what happens if I make the spin pins HOLD the style?!  This! ...

I tried it a couple different ways, but what worked the best was to twist her hair and then wrap it around itself in a circle... then use the spin pins to hold it there! I did that by catching part of the hair in the twist as well as part of the hair against her head in each pin.

It worked great! :D


  1. That's fun! I would have never thought of using those to hold the hair. I doubt it would work in thick hair... but definitely something I would consider!

  2. i learned from your blog, i will try this one on my daughter =)

  3. My hair is curly too. This tips helps! Thank you.

  4. I love the spin pins......I have to admit, they scare me a bit,because I fear I may never get them back out of their hair, but they are so cute! I love your daughter's curly hair. My hair is curly too, so I think I need to try those on myself first! :) Great work!

  5. Thanks, ladies! :D Yeah, I enjoyed them - I mean, they don't hold as well as an elastic band, but I figure every once in awhile it's nice to give the hair a break... so it doesn't break! lol

    I'm sure with thicker hair you'd have to play around with it a bit, using less hair, more pins, etc. I used 3 spin pins on each side and they held pretty well, but obviously more would have held it tighter. You could always use a combination of spin pins, bobby pins, clips, scrunchies, etc.

    They came out very easily, actually! I was slightly surprised! I just spun them back out the opposite of how they went in. Oh, and they have a little rubber/plastic end to cover the metal - just like a bobby pin. So that helped a lot. (you know how bobby pins hurt once that rubber wears off! ouch!) I was happy to see the cover on these. :)


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