Creative Claw Clips - Less Hair Damage

This hair style can be done on any head of hair, just play around with different style and sizes of clips to fit your own unique needs!  I created this one by trying to find more styles that are easy on the hair. Curly hair especially is fragile and shouldn't be subjected to harsh treatments day in and day out!

(for more of my thoughts and tips on hair care, see our Tips and Tricks page!)

That goes for products, styles and accessories! But we do like variety :) and we don't want to be boring, right? :)

So I challenged myself - could I create a cute hairstyle that only used ONE hair elastic? Yet had variety within it? and Fast to put in (so no braids today)?

What do you think? Did I succeed? :)  It's just a start, there are many possibilities headed in this direction, I'm sure! I did use the one elastic underneath the biggest claw clip - other than that it's just tiny claw clips and twisted hair!  (To make rubber hair elastics softer and more gentle, soak them in coconut oil for a few minutes before using them in the hairstyle!)

Let's hear it - What do you think??


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