Caucasion Curly Hair

(Disclaimer - This post is not intended to offend anyone or any race - it is merely pointing out that there is a serious lack of curl affirmation in our society!)

What is wrong with this picture?

Q, hubby and I were at the store the other night and Q wanted to look at the toy section. (Wal-mart) So we all browsed for a bit. I saw some really neat horses and these dolls (pictured above) that went with them! Now as you know if you read the post yesterday on Toddler Hair for a Horse Show - Q loves horses! So my mommy-brain starts thinking "Christmas presents!"

I must have spent the next 15-20 minutes looking ALL OVER that aisle of the store for a doll with hair like Q's! :(  First I scrutinized the selection of dolls that went with the horses I liked so much and here's what I found....

Notice that they are lucky and do have ONE, I repeat ONE curly haired doll. If not, I think I'd be writing a letter.... hmm, maybe I still should!

As it is, there are no Caucasion curly haired dolls. :( Isn't that just sad?  Let's look at the blonde's again, just to make sure.

I got excited for a second because I thought the one in red on our right might have some slight waves... but no, even my husband said it looked like it was just the way the hair was pinned to the box - that when we'd take the doll out, her hair would fall straight.

Sigh. So then I gave up on these dolls and went looking for ANY Caucasian curly haired doll. ...Nothing. Not a single doll had curly hair. ONE other doll (a version of Disney's Belle from Beauty and the Beast) had wavy hair. But that was it!

Since I had already spent so much time searching that part of the toy section to no avail I had no desire to try for more, at least in depth. I did notice another aisle of dolls - none had hair at all, they were the kind with plastic, drawn-on hair! (pretending to be infants) and the last aisle we walked through (Barbie) didn't have anything that jumped out at me either. Some had waves, but none had CURLS.

I know that society is getting better about accepting curls, and I do hope that our newest generation can grow up loving themselves and their hair just the way it is, no flat irons or curling irons needed -- but it sure wouldn't hurt if more people and companies helped! 

When I was growing up I thought that curly hair was rare, but now that I'm paying more attention there are curly kids everywhere! From black hair to blonde to brunette to red! Where are all these curly kids as teens and adults? :(  I know! ....... they never had curly haired dolls to play with when they were little so they bought flat irons when they got older.   (ok, that was a joke - but there's some truth to it!!)

Let's stop that trend right here, right now! LOVE your curls! KEEP your curls! (and if anyone out there is a doll maker, I'd like to pre-order some caucasion curly dolls - just send me the invoice!)


  1. I've had as much trouble finding a doll with red hair that isn't crayon red! ;) I have only seen a couple of curlies and a couple of redheads, and I grab them up right away! I noticed that even the American girl dolls don't really have a curly-haired white girl. And their redhead is more of a strawberry blonde... Lol, can you tell I've done my own searching on this front? ;)

  2. I had a curly hair blonde doll when I was a lil girl. I doubt it is even made anymore. American girl doll is the closest I've come to finding anything to match my girls. What the other mom said about red hair is the problem I'm having to. My youngest has strawberry blonde a mix since her daddy has bright red and I naturally have blonde. I can't even find red so I had to settle and buy her a brunette doll for her birthday. I'm thinking about making a doll from scratch to match my girls. If anyone finds a doll to better match our girls wonderful heads of hair I would love to know!

  3. I like to look through the American Girl catalog,(though I'm too poor to buy anything) and I noticed two biracial model girls, and both had a head full of curly curls! Much better than in a previous issue where the black model girl had straight hair that was all thin and broken.
    Anyway, Merynne is right, American Girl does not offer white dolls with hair like Q's. They offer a black doll with straight hair, and a black doll with long, loose curls.

  4. Exactly! Why aren't doll companies figuring this out? There are strange gaps all over the place!

    Oh geez - they only had a black doll with straight hair?!? Glad they corrected that!

    Where do you make a doll from scratch? That is very tempting!

    Yep, Q's one curly headed doll (which I do like and so does she, and I think they have a blonde version now that I think about it, with purple streaks :) ) has crayon red hair!

    We'll have to keep looking! If anybody finds any of these dolls - Let us know!!!

  5. Yeah that's true. I was at Toys'R Us, where we usually buy the kids toys from. I remember seeing some curly hair dolls but I don't remember the brands. I should go back and check again.

    But you are right, it's sad that there are almost no curly hair dolls out there!

  6. Oh yeah, My Twinn Dolls...
    Okay, so I had forgotten about these, but my little cousin got one several years ago. They have curly and very curly hair options. The red hair was okay, but still no auburn like my little one's. (Though I think hers is pretty rare for kids.) I wasn't as impressed with the african-american hair or the fact that it went from very straight, to a slight wave (which was just the ends curled under), to loose curls... Lol, maybe I'm too picky! Anyway, they will also style the hair to match your little girl, within reason of course. You get to choose eye, hair, and skin color, hair length, and even add freckles/birthmarks/etc. You submit a picture and then do their best to match. They are pretty pricey, fairly comparable to the American Girl Dolls. But, it might make a great Christmas present! ;) Here's a website:

  7. oooooh! That's definitely better than nothing! Thanks! I'll keep my eyes open for more options as well, but it is nice to know that this is out there! Thank you so much for sharing! :D

  8. I just found these, too :) Kinda cute and she makes them custom! (just as spendy as american girl, though)

  9. wow! I am lucky, we all have stick straight hair and easy colors! off to buy my kids cheep dolls at walmart LOL


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