Truly Pure and Natural - Tate's Products - Review!

This review will cover 3 of Truly Pure and Natural's "Tate's" hair products! 

From the website: Our custom blend of Tate's Natural Miracle Odorless Shampoo and Tate’s Natural Miracle Conditioner to make an excellent conditioning shampoo. Great for all hair types and will leave your hair clean and lightly conditioned. It's even biodegradable.

Uses: Shampoo for all hair types. Excellent as a body wash. Great for bubble bath. Safe and gentle for children and adults.
Odorless Shampoo Ingredients: Mountain spring water, coconuts, hazel nuts, pine needles, chamomile, nutmeg, lemons, thyme, passion flower, apples, cinnamon, eucalyptus, sea salt, geranium, raspberries.

Conditioner Ingredients: Mountain spring water, apples, strawberries, rose, lemons, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, boysenberries, oranges, cloves, ginger, pineapple, blackberries, celery, cherry bark, oak bark, orchid, marigold, hazel nut, pine needles, coconut, chamomile, jasmine, calendula, parsley, thyme, papaya, eucalyptus, passion flower, cinnamon, geranium, nutmeg.

 From the website:  An incredible hair conditioner, and a hand and body lotion! Made of all natural ingredients. Your hair and skin will thank you!

 Uses: An excellent hair conditioner for dry, damaged hair caused by sun, heat, chlorine, perms, hair coloring. Helps with split ends, static, and controlling frizzy or curly hair. Use it as a leave-in or rinse-out conditioner. Provides a brilliant shine without weighing down your hair.

Other Uses: Excellent as a non-greasy hand and body lotion. Removes make-up. Makes a wonderful shaving cream. Softens cuticles. After tan moisturizer. Soothes sunburn. Baby lotion. Diaper rash. Helps relieve eczema! Moisturizing foot soak. Use in the bath or shower for a full-body moisturizer. Keep one by each sink and your nightstand. Warm a small amount of Tate’s and mix with your favorite essential oil for a wonderful massage cream! Click here to download the free PDF of uses for Tate’s Miracle Conditioner

Ingredients: Mountain spring water, apples, strawberries, rose, lemons, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, boysenberries, oranges, cloves, ginger, pineapple, blackberries, celery, cherry bark, oak bark, orchid, marigold, hazel nut, pine needles, coconut, chamomile, jasmine, calendula, parsley, thyme, papaya, eucalyptus, passion flower, cinnamon, geranium, nutmeg.

Tate's Natural Miracle Hair Gel
From the website:  Tate's Miracle Hair Gel is an excellent, long-lasting hair gel for a non- flaky, non-sticky super hold. Holds up in humidity, creates shining highlights, adds elasticity and bounce. Moisturizes and conditions. For all hair types; perfect for any styling technique.
Uses: Hair gel, hair gloss.

Other Uses: Skin softener, skin polisher. Reduces eye puffiness, wrinkles, cellulite, age spots, acne, and varicose veins. Instant antibacterial moisturizing hand sanitizer. Apply to skin to relieve pain from headaches, migraines, tension, stress, minor burns, cuts. For more severe pain, heat the gel and apply for cramps and muscle, joint, back and arthritis pain.

Ingredients: Mountain spring water, pine needles, pine bark, oak bark, honey, lavender, calendula, basil, parsley, cucumber, tomatoes, rose hip, allspice berries, citrus peels, juniper, lemongrass, sage, mint, thyme, vinegar, peppermint, apricot, peach.
All of the products also state:

No dyes, gluten, colors, iodine, glycols, sulfates, parabens, fragrance, or phosphates.

No animal testing!

Curly Hairdo Ideas thoughts ...  
       "Wow!" was my first thought after reading the ingredients labels on all of the Tate's products. "Seriously?! I know what ALL of that means!" lol and it's true! So many times reading the labels of our cosmetics products (and even food!) I really don't know what the word means. Sure, I can guess, or I can assume - or I can tell that it's a chemical! But much more than that and I'm lost. (as I would venture to guess, most of us are!) So when I read these labels, I knew I had to try the products!

       When I received the products and reread the labels, I was a bit stumped. How in the world can a product contain things like "strawberries, cinnamon, tomatoes, nutmeg, and blueberries" and end up with a CLEAR, thick, odorless product?!? I had my doubts, so I contacted Denise at Truly Pure and Natural.

       She was so sweet! and answered my questions well and as quickly as possible - considering Truly Pure and Natural doesn't own Tate's so there was a bit of a chain to get through! (Gotta love great customer service!) 

Here's what I asked,
"I love all the ingredients you show on your labels, but what else is in your products? It seems like there must be something in them to take out the color and naturally occurring smells (unless all the ingredients shown are just the extracts of the various fruits and things?) and make the product thick. Some sort of preservative, too, I would think.  Would you mind sending me a complete ingredient list? Thanks!!"

Here's the correspondence I received back:
"We had all of the same questions you had about the Tate’s products.  We asked Tate’s and they said that their products are blended, filtered, and then cured for several weeks.  Through this process, the end result is a thick, colorless product."

We first started using Tate’s a couple of years ago.  Our nutritionist, who is super picky about foods and cosmetics, gave it to us and said that she had checked into the ingredients and they were all good. 

So…we asked some questions again today about the preservatives. This morning, we received an email stating that they now use Vitamin E to preserve all of their products.  We asked why it’s not on the label, and they said that they’re using up the old labels, and Vitamin E will appear on the new labels."
 I do feel better knowing the preservative. and I understand them wanting to use the labels they have! I'm glad to hear that they'll be including the Vitamin E on the new labels, though.

 So, what did we think of the products? They were GREAT!  (None of the products we tried had any scent at all.)

The shampoo was like normal shampoo, I guess! This was the first time I had used shampoo in over a year! (more about co-washing and no 'poo later!) and I realized that I don't even like shampoo anymore. I would possibly still use this as a shampoo for Q (to get the deep conditioning oils out of her hair occasionally - but we don't use any shampoo regularly. I really like that the shampoo can double as a bubble bath. That's something that I haven't found much of once we started looking at ingredients and steering clear of the foaming agents found in so many products.  The kids will like this!

The conditioner is lovely and worked well! I used it myself with the shampoo and on its own as a co-wash - it held up to my expectation both times! I used about 1-2 ounces at a time. It left my hair feeling very soft and hydrated. They say that it also can be used as a hand lotion, or conditioner. I found it to soak in very quickly and felt very light. It left my hands feeling nice and smooth, too!                            

The hair gel added shine and seemed to hold well. Would be great for braiding or other styles that need that extra security. We used it on loose curls and this is what we got! 

  (Q is cleaning the mirror!)

 Interested in trying it for yourself?!


  1. Those ingredients sound so great! But they're so expensive...Do you think they're worth it? How much did you have to use for one application? Are they "a little goes a long way" type products?

  2. It depends on what you're comparing it to when you say it's expensive. YES - compared to silicone and sulfate laden products you can find in your local grocery store or walmart - this might seem pricey.

    However, compared to other natural and organic brands - it's probably one of the cheaper ones out there! Before shipping, these products cost approx $1 an ounce.

    As for how much I used - I probably used .5 ounce of shampoo, maybe 2 squirts (hardly any) of the gel, and 1-3 ounces of conditioner each time. But I go through conditioner much faster than any other product because it's the one I use the most regularly.

    I think this is still a great purchase. But then, the ingredients are really important to me and I'm willing to pay the extra now in order to keep myself and my family healthier in the long run. (Medical bills later in life are $$ too!)

    If initial cost is still a big factor for you - I do have a MUCH cheaper option :) -even cheaper than walmart!- I'll be posting about no 'poo hair care one of these days - be sure to read it!

  3. I just wanted to say that we are on a very tight budget, so it's a stretch for us to use products that cost more than the stuff we used to buy. A couple of things changed our minds. First, we used the conditioner (which is a hair and skin conditioner) on a rash that our son had since he was a newborn. The rash cleared up. Second, we started looking at a website called Skin Deep, and reading about how few regulations there are as to what ingredients are put in the products that we're using on our children and ourselves. It also describes which ingredients cause developmental or reproductive problems, endocrine disruption, cancer, skin/eye/lung irritation, etc.

    The feedback we've been consistently getting is that a little goes a long way. I also like buying fewer products. We use the conditioner for hair (co-washing, rinse-out, and leave-in), facial lotion, hand and body lotion, shaving lotion, make-up remover, sunburn lotion, and more.

    I won't argue that it's expensive. We buy it in bulk and repackage it in order to make it a bit more affordable. We sell the small conditioner for $5.99; Tate's sells it for $13.76. I still wish there was a way to make it for less, but when you have a small mom & pop company producing products made from natural ingredients, there's no way they can compete with huge corporations who are producing on a huge scale, using the cheapest petrochemical ingredients available.

    So, for us, it's worth it. We just do without other "wants" and we're ultimately happier that way! :)

    Truly Pure & Natural

  4. I also really want to hear about how no 'poo worked for you! I've thought about trying it but first wanted to hear from more people who've done it. :)

    Truly Pure & Natural

  5. Great information! Thank you for replying!

    I definitely will be posting about no 'poo hair care soon! (anc co-washing, which I'm newer to) so feel free to check back! :)

  6. Thank you all. I do agree, using quality ingredients is a better choice and will save money in the long term...It's just that I don't have a job yet (I'm 17) and simply don't have that much money. Of course, it's different if one has a steady income.
    By the way, I have tried the baking soda and vinegar method. I'll tell you what happened after that post you promised. :)

  7. oooh! I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Feel free to email me if you want. :)

    Yes, I agree - sometimes it just feels impossible to go the natural route - you have to educate yourself on everything you can and then pick and choose what's most important. I'm having the same struggle right now with natural/organic food - it's about 3 or 4 times more expensive that "regular" options where I I pick and choose the most important things to buy organic. Eventually one day I hope that I can budget for going even more organic - but right now that's not an option.

    Basically, what I'm trying to say is that right now - hair products rank high at the top of my organic list. :) and ... the more informed you are right now (at 17!) the more you'll know what you want when you're at a point in life where you do have a steady income, or whatever other requirements you feel you need to reach before you can act on the knowledge you already have. :)

    Information and education give you choices. Even if you can't use it right now, you still have the knowledge.


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