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Today's Featured Follower is a frequent commenter on Curly Hairdo Ideas <3 So you may recognize her by the name of ... Mo Chuisle! Be sure to check out her brand new crafting blog HERE!

Lately we've been talking about Box Braids again and I got these SUPER cute pictures in my inbox! Bri said I could share them with you, so here you go!
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Yesterday I took Avi's box braids out only to find she wanted them in. So I did them little different than last time. I must say its nice to only do her hair a couple times a week with braids instead of everyday.

As you see on top I made an 'x' which I was going to repeat on the sides. 

But my laziness got to me and I just pulled them back more simply.  She was happy with that for five minutes then wanted more done.  So I braided the four ponies and box braided the back into 8 braids with beads. 

Today she wanted more done so I simply pulled the braids into two pony tails. 

Tomorrow I'll undo them since I usually leave braids in about three days.  Trouble with tomorrow is I'll have to think of another design to add beads into. She's in love with beads right now.  I don't blame her they are fun to use, and specially fun for a two year old to shake her and make noise.

Bri (Mo Chuisle)

Adorable!! What a cutie! Now I'm curious to know what you did next with beads :) oh and I totally agree - Q was really enjoying swinging her beads the last time we did Box Braids. :) Thank you so much for your pictures and inspiration, Bri! 


  1. Aww... thank you girl! She ended up keeping her hair down all weekend. I never thought up a new idea and with dealing with our house that is getting built, I really didn't have the time. Her hair got cleaned last night so I'll do something with it today. I'm sick of cleaning food out of the hair that falls infront of her face while eating! Thank you for featuring my lil cutie!

  2. Thank YOU! She's so cute! Good luck with the house, too!


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