But I just washed her hair!

This easy toddler hairstyle was just a quick fix for us one night before Grandma and Grandpa took Q boating!! Q had been playing and getting dirty all day, so had already had a bath when Grandma and Grandpa said they'd take her out in the boat.

Q LOVES water and "boat rides" so how could I say no? Of course I couldn't ... and wouldn't!

But I didn't want her freshly co-washed hair getting really tangled and messy, so this is what we did...

Four ponytails.
The top two are only pulled halfway through.

The bottom two are normal ponytails pulled through all the way.
Notice the parts aren't straight or anything special - this was purely a preventative protective style!

I left it in overnight and it worked well to keep the snarls and tangles away in that situation, too! Detangling was a breeze the next morning!

And, strangely enough - I think it's pretty cute! :)

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