We Have a Walker!

Flashback #5

9.5 months old and Q is walking with a purpose! Can't let those Leonard cousins have all the fun alone, ya know!

Even once her hair started getting longer, the natural wave in the "bangs" seemed to keep it out of her eyes. She had her own little "hairstyle" happening!

"Who ME?!"


  1. Aww she's a doll! I can still remember seeing my daughter walk at seven months and to think she turns two in lil over a week. They grow up so fast! Thank goodness my second is 9 months and only crawls and is growing up slower then her sis. Have a great 4th of July!

  2. Thanks! Awwww, each child is so uniquely amazing, aren't they?? Our little girls must be very close in age! Q turns 2 at the end of July as well. :)


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