Original Sprout - Miracle Detangler - Review

I was soooo excited to try Original Sprout's products on Q's hair! (As you can see in the video below, Q was a bit nonchalant about the whole thing! LOL)  I ordered the Natural Shampoo, Leave In Conditioner, and the Miracle Detangler.

I thought the scents were quite nice and lovely, not too strong... but then I did have a cold. My husband tried the Shampoo and Condish first and he thought the scent of the shampoo was a bit too strong, but okay. and that the conditioner was a bit lighter scented (aka, I think he liked that better).

Here's what Q thought of the conditioner ...! (Earlier she had called it "yummies" but of course that wouldn't be repeated when I got the camera out! ha! silly mom!)  oh, and her face was covered in flour from baking earlier - don't be alarmed! lol!!

(Our first video online! Sorry about the quality...)

 At this time we haven't gotten to try the shampoo or conditioner yet, but we did try the Miracle Detangler. I need to use it again to say for sure, but on first impression - it's too heavy for Q's curls. I used it while Q's hair was wet. It didn't have a ton of slip (although it did help a bit more than just water!) so I kept adding more to see if that would help ... which it did! However later in the day after her hair dried, it looked greasy. :(

Disclaimer:  I had been using coconut oil on her skin before we started in on the hair - so perhaps that might have contributed to the greasy look a bit. But it shouldn't have that much.

I will say that her curls were Very well defined and clumped into beautiful ringlets (especially in back) but it just looked a bit too greasy for my taste.

We will definitely be trying this product again, so I'll be sure to let you know if my impression changes! :D

Has anyone else tried Original Sprout's Miracle Detangler? What did you think?? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Great Review! I might have to try it out on my curly-headed kiddos!

  2. Thanks! Let me know what you think if you try it out for yourself! :D

  3. this is one of the few detanglers we actually use on the girls hair. Most detanglers don't do anything for us. I usually will preferr using a "slippery" conditioner in the bath/shower when combing, but when that's not an option I think this detangler is one of the better ones. I don't remember it leaving my girls hair greesy looking, but their hair is very thirsty and need the extra moisture.

  4. Thank you Andrea! I'm so glad to hear your opinion. I've since tried it more (obviously!) and as long as I don't get heavy-handed with it, it works really well. :) (plus that means it will last a Loooong time for us!)


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