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I just received a really nice email from a great new hair blogger! Hi Katie!! I'm really excited about her site so I wanted to share it with you. :) 

Katie and her friend, Steph, have started a joint blog called Keep Me Curly! I have to admit, I've read every post on the site so far! :) I'm very interested to see what else they have to say. 

Here's how they got started...

"Katie's journey to this website started with the adoption of her three oldest children from Liberia, Africa in 2005. She quickly realized that she was going to need some help with how to care for their hair. She found a wonderful Yahoo group of other adoptive mothers (check our links page) where she read, studied pictures, and asked questions. After some time, patience and practice, she was off and running! Katie became very adept at many types of hairstyles, and the Yahoo group moms started asking her how she did them all. She found that making videos was much easier than trying to explain styles in writing, and, luckily, her husband obliged as cameraman. Soon her videos on youtube began to get hundreds, and then thousands of views. After her four years of research, trial, and error, her skill and knowledge was attracting a following."

 "Meanwhile, in mid-2006, Stephanie was awaiting the go-ahead to pick up her new daughter from Haiti and had also joined this Yahoo group. Katie and the wonderful ladies there talked about these nifty little doodads that they called "hair snaps" but they were very hard to find retail. Many moms on the Yahoo group lived in rural areas where there was no access to any type of ethnic hair products or accessories. was born (because honestly, hair bling is addictive)! Even though she didn't have her daughter home yet, she dove into the world of beads, snaps, ballies, and barrettes feet first. By the time she picked up G in December 2006, she was excited to try some of the styles she had been reading about and selling bling for (a little too excited....see our gallery page!)"

"In 2009 Katie and Steph got together and decided to create a "one stop shop" for new adoptive parents who were looking for advice on how to care for their child's hair and skin.  ......"

Go to the blog to read more! 
Also, you can keep tabs on them in our sidebar blog roll :)


  1. Thanks Karli! We are so excited about joining the blogging world! We will be keep track of the cute new styles you are posting too :)


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