Creative Cornrows for Short Toddler Hair!

Here's a hairdo for those days you want all the hair up! This one worked well for us even though Q's hair is still quite short (too short to put into one ponytail). 

A style like this is also nice for adding some extra moisture (add some coconut oil or shea butter as you style it and the hair has a nice long time to soak it up) or protein to the hair.
Braids also can protect little wispy hairs or curls from getting as matted and tangled, and that is good for hair health as well as easy of styling! :)

Now for the hairstyle! ...

First, I sectioned her hair into 4 quadrants and made temporary ponytails in each.
Then I started braiding (cornrowing) towards the center of her head.

(getting ready to do the third braid!)

Here they are all braided and put into a center ponytail (nice soft one to be gentle on the hair)

As you can see I left the little braces elastics in her hair the first day (took them out the second day) they are harder on hair than the soft fluffy hair ties, but Q's hair isn't curly enough to stay braided without something in the ends. I have to admit though, it was much cuter with the ends free! I was hoping to try for a third day as well (and for that I wanted to take the ends of the braids completely out and spritz with water to see if I could activate the curl!) but it got too frizzy and looked like it needed to come out. We'll just have to do it again someday!

(for all of you straight-haired people out there... Did you know that curly hair is capable of holding braids and twists and even BEADS in hair with NO use of any kind of hair band?!?!?! As the hair dries the curl shrinks up and the texture and shape of the curls all become tight enough to hold the style! Isn't that amazing!? As a straight haired teen always wanting beads in my hair I wondered how other people were able to achieve a look I never seemed to be able to! I'm still in awe ...

There are probably lots of different methods for beading and ending braids that "curly girls" use - but that NOT using SOMETHING was even possible just blew my mind! I love it!!)

and there you have it:
Big Cornrows (or you could do French Braids) - into a ponytail!


  1. I was debating how to do Avi's hair today I just might have to do this since its going to be in the 100s today! Thanks for the idea!!

  2. It does look pretty. She's also a very well behaved model for you!

  3. Thanks!! oof - that's hot! This style should be nice for a hot day! yeah - she's usually pretty well behaved :) Tho, I will say that in these pictures she's watching a video so that's why her head is so consistently facing the same direction! :)


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