Box Braids

These were the first "box" braids we've tried on Q! I thought her hair was long enough to attempt it. and it worked!

I didn't part her hair into straight parts (if I had, then you'd see where this style gets it's name. In this case it's more like "sectioned" braids! lol ) because I didn't want to take the time. As it was it took 3 mini sittings to get all the braids in. (She's only 22 months old, not even 2 years yet - I don't expect her to sit still That long while I play with her hair! Movies only hold the attention span so long.)

I also did the front in a few cornrows to keep it from hanging in her eyes as much.

 I really could have left it like this, too :) I like it!

But this time we kept braiding :)

These braids are actually longer than I thought they'd be! Curly hair is so sneaky! lol

Click HERE to see what we did with her hair after we took the braids out!


  1. My middle daughter has curly hair too. I love your pics. I can't do braids that tight. I am following your blog.

  2. Hi!! and Happy BIRTHDAY!!! Woooo! The braiding gets better with practice - don't worry. :) It helps to take small pieces, too. Anyway, if you want to braid as a protective style (to keep the curls from getting matted at night, etc) you don't want them super tight anyway!

    If you ever want to send in pics of your little one's for our Featured Follower section - please do! Email me at :D Welcome to the blog!!


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