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*~* Princess *~*
(Real names avoided for privacy - so we're using the nickname her Daddy uses!)

I am SO beyond excited to share this post!! I've been lucky enough to have some emails exchanged with a totally inspiring mama, Lisa! I asked if I could share these adorable pictures of her beautiful baby girl with you - I hope you are inspired! This mama really knows how to work with those teeny tiny baby hairs!

Cutely accessorized "sprout" ponytail on top of her head...

Adorably classic headband ...

(remember - don't leave baby hats and headbands on too long - they can cause headaches or get too warm too fast and leave Baby uncomfortable and with no way to let us know! Especially if they're young enough not to be able to reach their head and pull it off by themselves.)

You can never go wrong in the right buree ... :)
how cute is this?!

Cute simple sprout ...

A close up of that adorable clip from the first picture ...
Talk about using what you've got! Who says you need a lot of hair to sport a ponytail?! As long as it's not too tight - why wait?! :)

Pigtails!?! ...

and my personal favorite - Pigtails and a Sprout! ...

What a beautiful baby!

Thank you so much for sharing Daddy's little "Princess" and your creativity with us, Lisa!

If anyone else is interested in being showcased as a Featured Follower participant - email me! We can do repeats, too, so don't wait!!


  1. So cute! I love those little teeny tiny ponytails


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