Tips for Curly Hair

This is just a short list - and probably very obvious if you've had any experience with curly hair before... but I hadn't!! When I started I needed to know EVERYTHING. I have very very straight hair and had NO idea what to do with Q's curls! So, for all of you that are in my boat - here's a place to start!

1. Comb hair when wet!
2. Use a wide-tooth comb (not a brush)
3. Avoid any and all shampoos, conditioners, and products with any ingredients that end in -cone. SLS is bad too. (Sodium Laurel Sulfate)    (Visit Naturally for more info on products!)
4. Don't be afraid to space out the washings - water does a great job even without harsh soaps! Especially on young heads. Washing too often and using soap too much can actually cause hair problems and extra oil production.
5. Spritz hair with water to "revive" your curls later in the day, if needed. This can also work for a "second day hairdo" if you have added product the first day and not washed it out yet - you can just spritz and go the second day!


  1. Those are some good tips :)

    Curly hair can be hard to handle, but it does look so cute!

  2. Thanks! I hope they are useful to someone!

    I totally agree!!! I just LOVE it! I always wanted curly hair when I was younger, now I at least get to play with it on a regular basis! :)


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