Simple, Quick, Toddler Bun

So easy! So simple! I'm in love :)

All we did to make this one was to comb her hair back into what would hve been a ponytail - and then I gently twisted Q's hair and laid it down in this swirl pattern. Winding it around itself! I didn't even put an elastic in first! (which might have been a good idea for extra security - tho we didn't end up needing it.)

When I was twisted and wrapped the way I wanted it, I stuck 3 bobby pins in it, and tried to get them to overlap so they'd help hold themselves on.

That's it!    I couldn't stop taking pictures of this one! As her hair dried, the bun took on different looks. It was soo cool!! I'll try to limit the number of pics I add, tho, and spare you millions of pictures that probably all look alike! lol

I wanted a "soft" look, not pulled tight and flat - so that's why I tried leaving the bounce of hair up front.

(with a tiny flower on a bobby pin to the side of the bun - a nice bit of color, I thought.)


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