Not havin' it! looks like we might not get the other St. Patty's Day style done in time! :( I started it yesterday, and had to stop because Q was done sitting still. So I decided to let her sleep in it and see how it fared...not bad!  This morning I added two more braids and was about to finish it off with some rainbow ribbon :D and she was just NOT gonna have it!! I've (ever so politely) asked her twice more today if I can play with her hair while I bribe her with things she likes - but it's a no go!

So instead I'll leave you with the hope that maybe she'll let me at her head again later....(who really knows?) and also with these two links! I have never really known anything about St. Patrick's Day, other than wear GREEN! (or get pinched!)  I found these very interesting :)

St. Patrick's Day links:

The History of St. Patrick's Day (Traditions and Symbols)

Annie's St. Patrick's Day Symbols Page


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