Ideas for Baby Hairstyles

Re-posting this Baby Hairstyle Ideas post from last spring - in case anyone could use a refresher, or in case you didn't see it before! I hope you enjoy!


I had an email request for some Ideas for Baby Hairstyles! I sadly realized that Q is not a baby anymore! :)  But she's still pretty close, so here are some ideas for those tiny little baby hairs... Please feel free to email (or upload to Facebook!) pictures of your little baby's hairdo's!!

The first one is a tiny little clip on the side. I really like these tiny clips when working with fine thin hair. Plus they just look so cute and delicate on small heads!

Or you can use the regular size clips - Does anyone know the proper name for this style of clip??! (updated info - I've since learned they're called "snap clips")
This picture shows the size difference....

Or you can split the hair in two parts and hold each back with a clip.
(I would say "part" the hair - but just getting it to split into two sections might be more than enough to ask on a wiggly baby!! Straight parts are NOT important while doing baby hair!)

This is the same style, but the hair is being held with tiny claw clips instead. I find clips faster to put in baby hair than elastics - however Q always liked to pull clips out! But she would leave elastics in, so we generally favored elastic hair bands. (or the soft fuzzy - but still stretchy - kind.)

In my opinion, claw clips work best on hair that is a little thicker, whereas the snap clips work great on thin or thick hair.

and here is an example of the first style, but using a claw clip instead (the "bangs" hair is pulled to the side and clipped.)

Close ups! lol!! (so you can see what I mean by "tiny" in relation to my fingers!)
Tiny claw clip...

This is a little flower clip that we were given as a baby gift. They actually work quite well - you can see the little "claw" to grip the hair... You could use this in the same way I've shown so far... or you can add it to a style to dress up a normal baby hairstyle.

This is a classic baby ponytail - my little niece sports the best kind!  Her fine, beautiful baby hair sticks Straight up in the air when she has a ponytail in like this. She also (one day anyway) was wearing it really close to her forehead, just like this - which worked well because the hair coming from the crown of her head is really long (which tends to be common in babies, I think)

And, like I mentioned above - any little baby hairstyle (ponytails especially) can be dressed up with a bow or other added clip! That way, you get a lot of variety out of the same basic style - just by changing the bow :)

Same idea - but started with the ponytail on the side, then added a bow!

I hope these help!! If you are looking for other ideas and haven't seen this post yet - take a look! 
Enjoy! and as always, feel free to share your own pictures!


  1. So cute! And I believe they are called alligator clips?

  2. Those aren't the alligator clips... I think "snap clips" is actually the right name for them. Alligator ones are just springy, they don't snap the way these do.

  3. Thank you!! I'll be sure to pass it on ASAP. Thanks for thinking of me!!

  4. My 16 month old's hair is constantly in her face, but she won't keep anything in it for more than 30 minutes. It's been so trying.

    Welcome to SITS. We're happy to have you.


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