Simple Styles

I was just playing around with Q's hair today (as she watched a movie!) and thought I'd take some pictures of some simple styles. These would be great if you don't have much time, or if your little one doesn't feel like sitting still!

For this one I took all the front and center hair and twisted it, then added one of those new short bobby pins. (Love those! They work really nicely on small heads with fine hair!) 
I also sort of scooted the hair forward before I pinned it, so that it bunched up a bit in front - kind of like how teens are wearing their bangs these days :) You could add as much "bunch" as you want - or none - depending on your mood of the day!

This one's pretty self explanatory - I combed Q's hair to the side (brush, comb, fingers - whatever works!) and added a clip!
And from the front... lol!

Same idea, but I twisted the hair forward before I added the short bobby pin (instead of clip, this time.)

Or you could twist the hair to the back and then clip it. You can also see a difference in how they look when I twist them just a little, as opposed to more twist. (This picture has more twist!)

Or you could do more than one twist!
(Notice how I made an X shape out of the bobby pins in the second twist? They stay in better that way, kinda locks them on. Especially with the normal bobby pins like these are. I don't find I need to do that as much when I use the shorter ones...)

For this one I took up a section of about half of her "top" hair and twisted it lots, then I moved my hand back and added the rest of that "top" hair and twisted that quite a bit - and finished it off by clipping it with a tiny claw clip. (You could use this kind of clip for any other the other styles so far, too. It's just whatever you like! ...and whatever your kiddo won't pull out...

Front-ish View

Or you can do little ponytails! This one is kinda off to the side a bit.

Front-ish View!
(sorry for the blurriness!)

And of course there's the classic One on Top! (These always remind me of a certain brand of doll that came out when I was a kid, but I can never remember what they were called! They had one tuft of hair on the top of their head that looked just like this! lol)

Then if you want to make it just a little trickier...Two on Top!

(I generally don't worry about straight parts on little heads with short attention spans!)
and from the Front...
Wow! LOOK at that TV face! Yikes! lol

Well, I hope you enjoyed those! I know they're pretty basic, but they were fun to do anyway! And I find it's always good to have some basics in your "toolbelt" for those busy days - cuz we still need to keep their hair out of their eyes!


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