Ribbon Headband

I just love this hairstyle! I think it's an adorable yet fancy toddler hairdo! What do you think!?

I started by separating the hair I knew I didn't want involved and pinning it back temporarily with a claw clip.

Then I parted the hair in front (the "headband" section and made little ponytails. Keeping the elastics at the back edge of the section of hair. I made 6 ponytails. 3 on each side of her head.

then I removed the temporary claw clips and fluffed Q's curls :)

and the other side!

Now, you could be done at this point! 
I think it's cute. Especially if it had been done with colored elastics, or add claw clips to each ponytail, etc.
But I chose to add RIBBON!

I use a craft "sewing" needle to thread the ribbon thru the hair :) 

The threading process... I just "sewed" the ribbon thru each ponytail, nice and close to the elastic.

Here's what it looks like when you're done threading...


Then, instead of just holding the ends out of the way, like I'm doing in this picture - TIE them! :)


Make a bow if you want and cut the ribbon ends to the length you prefer...and you're done!


How can a person resist a face like that?? :)  And here you have a cute yet elegant toddler hairstyle!


  1. I love this headband hair,we are going to try it out! So cute! How much ribbon did you use on your toddler? Maybe 2 yards or less?
    Thanks, Lynn in Seattle

  2. Hi Lynn!! I'm so glad you like it!

    I'd say I probably used 18 - 24 inches of ribbon. I'm not sure exactly, but definitely less than two yards.

  3. I am so happy I found your site! I LOOOOVE your ideas, and my daughter's hair looks exactly like your little Q's. Can't wait to try a new style tonight, thankyou!


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