How to Get the Elastics OUT!?!

This is just a quick post to let you know that if you're wondering what the best way to get those tiny elastics out of your little one's hair is....You're NOT alone!

Rubber elastics can be hard on hair and cause breakage - but I find them very convenient to use! So to safeguard against damage, I've read that it helps to soak the elastics in olive oil, or coconut oil, for an hour up to a day before using. (Too long isn't good either, tho. Gotta find the happy medium!)  This makes them softer and easier on the hair strands.

I like to make the first one or two times around the hair nice and tight, and then let the last one be really loose in comparison. I find that makes getting them out so much easier!

SO - how to get them out?! There are two methods that I use the most:

1. With my fingernails, I pick out the part of the elastic band that I left loose(ish), pull it up and then thread the hair back out loop by loop, just like I put it in.

2. My other method is to use a baby fingernail clipper - find that loose piece and just clip it! I am very careful not to clip any hair tho! Otherwise that kind of defeats the purpose! lol

These are my little "secrets". If anyone else has any tips and ideas they'd like to share - go right ahead!

Goody Clear Elastic Bands ~ 52 Bands


  1. I also found tiny nail scissors work AMAZING. you can get a manicure kit at a local dollar store that might have them.
    Thanks for the tip of soaking the bands I will have to give it a try!

  2. Oh yeah! That's a great idea! The tip would be more precise on the scissors than the clippers.... Thank you!

  3. So cute! Look at that little gal--she's so little and lets you do your magic--she's a doll! love your stuff and your blog is just darling! Great work!

  4. Aww! Thank you Shaunell! I love your blog, too!!

  5. We use hair shears and sometimes pick a loop of the rubber band up with a rat tail comb to make sure no hair gets snipped along with the band.

  6. I've also had good luck using a seam ripper to snip the bands, slides right along the hair so it's easy to catch only the band.

  7. Fabulous ideas! I think I need to "invest" in and find the rat tail comb love :) The one I have is worthless!

    Keep 'em coming! These are great!


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