Baby Elastic Headband

This hairstyle has never really worked for Q. She just won't leave it on her head! :) But man they are cute!
See that sneaky hand already tho? Reaching back to fuss at (read: pull off) the headband!
I think if I had gotten her used to the idea of wearing a headband before she had the coordination to reach up there and yank it off by herself, that maybe she'd be more inclined to leave headbands on her head.... but who knows?!  

(I have read, however, that you shouldn't leave small babies wearing headbands like this too long - because they can't get them off by themselves and aren't great at communicating - so if it starts to hurt or be too tight, they can't tell us. The headbands are made to be a bit snug but you don't want to cause undue pressure to a baby's delicate head!)

Anyway, I wanted to include this as a post because I think they are cute, yet so often overlooked! 


  1. Little headbands are so cute :)awww I want a little girl

  2. They are adorable! I agree. :)

    I saw some cute hats/beanies for boys the other day... but I just went to look for the site for you and can't find it :( Bummer! If I do find it, I'll let you know - there are some cute things for boys, but boys just don't "accessorize" as much as girls! :)


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