French Braiding!

We've gotten a request for French Braids!

So here's my version of a french braid tutorial :) I hope it's understandable!! Please let me know if you need/want clarification on any of it...

First start out with three strands, just like you would for a normal braid.

Then cross one strand from the side over the center piece (still like a normal, non-french braid)

Next cross the other "edge piece" over the NEW center strand. (STILL just like a normal braid!)

Now comes the "French" part :) As you go back to the other side to cross the "edge piece" over the new center strand.... Take up some hair to the side and just add it to the strand that you are crossing over.

(In this picture the hair that is flopped forward is the new hair that I will add to the crossing piece.)

And here I have added the new hair and crossed the "edge piece" over the new center strand.

Then you do that to the other side.... as you cross the "edge piece" over the "center piece" add some new hair to the edge piece!

And go back to the other side, then to the other side, then to the other side :) lol - go until you want to stop! :)

Once you want to be done with the French Braid - just keep braiding like normal and you'll end up with this...

From here I tucked the braided "tail" up underneath the "French" part and added a little elastic to hold it there.

And finished it off with a clip that I made!

This particular style is another great one for keeping the bangs out of their eyes if their hair is short, or if you're growing out bangs.

If you have a little sweetheart with longer hair, then you can start the braid back farther, or add all the hair, or do more than one braid, etc, etc!! As Q's hair gets longer we'll be doing many different varieties of French Braids!  Right now her hair is too short to get ALL of it into one braid :) But hopefully this will help you figure out the basics of French Braiding, and then we can just get bigger, better, wilder, and crazier from here! :D oh and more beautiful, of course :) lol  French Braiding is like anything - If at first you don't succeed, TRY AGAIN!! It gets easier with practice, I promise!


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