A Knot

I first found this style on another hair blog and I love it! (I tried to link to the other blog... :( but I can't find it now! I'm not sure which blog it was on, and I couldn't find the style on the blog I thought I found it on.. I'm so sorry!)  It's so simple and easy and only takes one elastic. :)

First I parted Q's hair diagonally and split that section into two pieces ...

Then I just tied it - like I was starting to tie my shoe! lol

Next I gathered up some hair behind the knot (and just laid the knotted hair out of the way)

Then I gathered the tails of the knot into the bundle of new hair and wrapped an elastic around all of it!


Lastly, just for fun :) I added my favorite clip! (Which I found in Q's carseat! YAY!)

Some "in action" shots!


Stand still for a picture?! Are you crazy?! :)


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