Christmas Tree

First, I brushed out Q's curls with a wide tooth comb (wet hair, of course!)

Then starting near her forehead, I put in one small ponytail, and divided the "tail" into two parts...

Add each "tail" to another little ponytail (offset from the first one - not directly behind it)

So... the first "row" has one ponytail...the second row has two... the third row will now have 3! (and so on if you want to keep going!)

I like this one for anytime of year - but I think it looks especially "Christmas-y" with the green elastics.

For the inspiration for this one, look here!


  1. I liked this one alot--and remember my mom doing a similar "do" on me as a little one. So, I tried out my DD's hair today!! Love it! We could only get 2 rows, but they are adorable! Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  2. Oh neat! I'd love to see a picture! If you ever feel inclined, I have a facebook fan page that you could post a picture on easily! (hint, hint, ... lol)


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