This page is being created as a place to honor all the websites/blogs/etc around the web that I find inspiring! Enjoy!!
And THANK YOU to all the authors and contributors here!

Naturally Curly website and forums - great tips, ideas and general information about Curly Hair care!
Tightly Curly- a personal website and methodology to caring for tightly curly hair - definitely worth checking out
Natural Hair Grows
Hair Boutique - forums, too!
Curly Nikki - website and blog (Our friend NikG from Beads, Braids and Beyond also writes articles for Curly Nikki occasionally!)

(See the blogroll for all my favorite hair blogs!)

My Other Passions
Write About Birth - an incredibly awesome, raw, Truthful blog about birth. Olivia shares stories of her own experiences as well as articles from others (including me!). If there's anything you want to know about birthing - Write About Birth is the place to check!  Also, don't miss Olivia's guest post here on Curly Hairdo Ideas!

Baltic Amber Avenue - Baltic Amber Jewelry for Pain Relief! aka - my store for all your Baltic Amber jewelry needs! If you don't see it - that doesn't mean I can't get it for you! Just message me on facebook or through the messenger app on my store website  --Use discount code curlyhairdoideas at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase!! - all things cloth diaper! I am addicted to the forums, but they also have a Buy/Sell/Trade community that is worth checking out.

John Ink - the coolest website on the internet. Without a doubt. No joke. (by the way, the awesome artist behind these videos and cartoons is also the mastermind behind my adorable curly kid in the header and other graphics!! Check him out!!!)

Do you have a blog or website that you'd like to see showcased here!?
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