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The Winter Wonderland Giveaway is here!  and I wanted you to get to know one of our sponsors a little better ...  Not only is Helena (from With a Little Faith and Hope) a blogger and recipe extraordinaire, she's a long-time follower of Curly Hairdo Ideas!  ... if you want a way to get close to my heart ... Just kidding!

Anyway, Helena has started a blog and natural store as a way of documenting and sharing her recipe adaptations and inspirations - as well as pass on her natural creations in the way of lip balms, body scrubs and more! (see below!) So without further ado - Let the interview begin!

Curly Hairdo Ideas:  I saw you mentioned you try to follow the Nourishing Traditions ideas, can you tell me more about what that is and why you follow it?

With a Little Faith and Hope: Nourishing Traditions follows a more traditional way of cooking. When making grains we soak them in an acidic water first. In doing this it reduces the phytic acid in the grains. Phytic acid is a nutrient inhibitor and so by soaking the grain the nutrients are more readily available to the body. This works great for making whole grain breads and muffins because the lose the grainy texture making them more palatable.  We do not shy away from healthy natural saturated fats (coconut oil butter red meat). We do keep away from the "healthy" oils (canola corn soy)  When it come to the foods we buy my theory is if I can't make it in my kitchen we don't eat it.  We stay away from anything that might contain a GMO (Genetically Modified Organisim). I highly recommend looking into this if you have never heard of GMO's it will be very eye opening.  We also don't eat refined sugar and eat very little sugar. There are other things that we do but these are the easiest to explain. It is a very informative book and for me it was very eye opening. Even though I thought we were eating a healthy diet by making a few changes our health has improved. I highly recommend it to everyone.

CHI:  How old are your girls and how do you find ways they can help you in the kitchen without going crazy yourself?!

LFH:  My girls are 4 and 2. Most of the time they just sit on the counter and hand me things stir and just watch. They also like to take my little wooden spoons and pretend to make their own food. If we are doing something more complex I give them little jobs to do such as gathering tools or pouring things. They love to also just sit and watch when I am making supper or working with something they can't do yet like cutting or cooking on the stove.

CHI:  How do you keep them interested in helping you in the kitchen?

LFH:  I let them come and go as they want. I don't make them stay with me if they are bored. I give them little jobs to do. We talk and sing and talk to my mom on Skype.

CHI:   How are you so lucky to be the main cook in the house when your hubby was a chef? Can you tell us more about being married to a chef? ;-)

LFH:  My husband works outside the house and is at work most days until supper time. Being the homemaker the job of cooking is mine. I will say that the first year was quite interesting I had hardly any cooking experience before we got married. There was quite a bit of critiquing done by my husband.

CHI:  What's the one kitchen item you "couldn't live without?"
LFH:  That one is hard. I would have to day my chef's knife and pans. I think I would be completely lost without them. As much as I like many other things if I had these I could do just about anything in a pinch.

CHI:  What do you like most about cooking?

LFH:  I like being creative and trying new things. The hardest thing about doing this blog will be writing things down. I like to just add a little bit of this and that until it tastes right and then I forget what I did and can't make it just the same again. The good thing about that  is that we never have things exactly the same way twice. The bad thing is when I completely forget what I did the one time it was just perfect.

CHI:    What products will you have available in your store? What's your personal favorite?

LFH:  There will be some lip balms and lip scrubs.
Body moisturizers and shower scrubs.
There will also be baby wraps and baby/ toddler hair accessories up after I get some made and and some videos made.

Check out her store for more details on the products she will routinely carry in stock! and these french toast muffins I just haaaaaave to try!  Be sure to come to back here December 1-6th, 2011 for a giveaway sponsored by With a Little Faith and Hope!! (and many more!) Don't miss this!!


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