Strawllers Giveaway! (details inside)

As you know, I'm getting SOOOO excited for our big Hair Blog Giveaway Event this December 1-6th!! The Winter Wonderland Giveaway!!!!  So excited in fact that I'm giving away MORE than one prize!! Not to mention we'll be linked up with lots of other blogs with giveaways, too, so the winning potential for YOU is HUGE!


Well, imagine my surprise when I open my email this morning to find a message from Mr. Marc Wells - the brains behind Strawllers hair curlers - stating that they are also doing a giveaway! Only this one's a contest, so get your strawllers out and CREATE your destiny! ... ok, maybe not destiny, but a chance to win $500!!!! Why pass that up?!  The catch? You have to use Strawllers to get going .... and right now you can order some at a discount! How perfect is that?!  If you've ever wanted to try Strawllers hair curlers - Now's the Time! Don't wait any longer!  Be sure to go to the Strawllers Facebook page to get in on all the details.

If you want more information on Strawllers before you dive into winning your $500, be sure to read our Strawllers Hair Curler Review on Short Fine Hair and Long Hair Strawllers Review


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