Keela Bug Cloth - Sneak Preview

The Winter Wonderland Giveaway is LIVE!!!   In the spirit of that, check out this preview of one of our awesome sponsors! Keela Bug Cloth  and on facebook!

Keela is generously giving away one Cloth Diaper! She has recently become a direct seller of Glow Bug Cloth Diapers! If I haven't mentioned here on the blog much - Q was cloth diapered and I love the things! There is just no comparison to the cloth diapers they make these days compared to what our parents and grandparents think of when they think "cloth diaper" - just take a look at these!

By the way - if you're new to cloth diapers you may not know this so I will be fair and warn you ... They are ADDICTING!! Aren't they cute?!?! and you can get leg warmers to match.... oh goodness! The cuteness is unbeatable!

If you want the whole story on Keela's cloth diaper business, read this blog post! and visit her store!

Keela also blogs at and you can find her facebook page for the blog here.

Enter for your chance to win at the Winter Wonderland Giveaway!!!!


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