I wasn't going to post today (gearing up for the Winter Wonderland Giveaway event!) but I have to pass this on. Please do the same!! 

Who Makes the Decisions about your Child's Life???

An eight year old boy and his family are being harrassed about his chemo and radiation care! The parents have done extensive research and are now being forced to continue chemo when the PET test results have shown that the amount they've already done has been enough! He is cancer-free! But still, more chemo is being ordered. The parents feel it is too high a risk to take.

THESE DRUGS have NOT been approved by the FDA for use in children!!!!

Please read the whole heartbreaking story for yourself and consider donating to this family and this cause. PARENTS know their children. Don't you??

Here's a clip from the article:
"After looking into the matter, both the local CPS agency and the local prosecuting attorney refused to file charges. They believed that the parents were making reasonable decisions for Jacob.

The doctors still would not take no for an answer. They called higher authorities in the state level CPS agency. The doctors had to make several calls before they finally found someone who would agree with them.
As a result of all of these calls, the local CPS agency was pressured into filing medical neglect charges against the parents.
The local prosecutor still refused to take a case against the family, so the state level CPS officials hired an independent private lawyer to serve as the prosecutor against Ken and Erin Stieler."

Please share this story and if you pray - pray hard! Thank you for passing this on and making a difference in this little boy's life. 


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