Taking a Poll, Please give your opinion!!

I hope everyone had a great vacation/holiday and is recovering well - and getting back into the swing of things once again :)  (Although if you're like my awesome sister and are home from college, you may not have had to cross that bridge yet!)

Anyway, in the interest of new beginnings and a new year and such... I've been thinking of tweaking hte blog! So I was curious if you all had any thoughts or desires or opinions on what I could do to make this site more user-friendly? :) No pressure or anything! lol!

Here's my main burning question:

Do you prefer How-To videos or How-To pictures?

Anything else? Please leave comments! AND vote in the poll in the sidebar!! Thank you so much!

Stay tuned for another Christmas ribbon 'do. :) I had fun with these this year! They would be great hairstyles for birthday parties, etc, too!!


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