Non-Black Curly Hair Tips

Are you looking for advice or tips for caring for curly hair? Are you a straight haired mom of a curly haired kid? Kids’ curly hair can be especially frustrating to moms like me who didn’t grow up with curls!

I have searched the internet high and low, or so it feels, looking for information on taking care of regular old Caucasian (or non-Black) curly hair. It is HARD to find! Most of what I find is either about Black curls and coils (which is very helpful after I adapt it to our hair type through trial and error) or else it’s written in such bad grammar I don’t even know what they’re trying to say!

For example, I found this tonight while searching for “Caucasion curly hair”…..

"Moisturizing: It is necessary in keeping your curly hair in good shape is to moisturize well. When you wash your hair, use a moisturizing shampoo. This can help greatly in keeping the hair hydrated. especillay in Afro -Americans, curly hair, and kids’ curly hair. Following, habit an deeply conditioner that wish restore tainted whisker, and be on an entrust inwards conditioner and titling ointment. The right mix of products that moisturize hair will tame frizzy and/or kinky hair, and it feel sofer.

Shampooing: Among the heaviest faults domicile on frizzly pilus attain costs shampooing as well frequently. This will be especially true for caucasian moms who aren’t used to working with Afro-American kids or those of mixed cackground."

Seriously??! I mean, I think the point is good… I think what it’s trying to say is that you need to keep your hair moisturized and to use less shampoo….I think!! (Which are two very good tips for caring for naturally curly hair.) What do you think they are trying to say!?!

Why isn’t there more information out there for those of us dealing with kids who have curly hair – that isn’t necessarily kinky or coily? Plain old waves and spirals have their learning curve, too! And as a straight haired mom of a curly baby – I had no idea where to even begin looking for information!

I hope that the things I’ve learned in our journey so far will be of help to someone else out there! Here are a few links to get you started…

Basic Tips for Curly Hair

Frizz Control 

Tips for Removing Tangles

Co-Washing, aka Conditioner-Only Washing

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I want to help spread the word that curly hair of ANY ethnicity is something to be enjoyed! Not hidden under a flat iron!! Will YOU help?!?


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