LilyRae Bows!

(Isn't this perfect for Valentine's Day?!)

I haven't used any of these bows before, so I can't testify to product quality or slip-ability, but aren't they adorable!?!?  I found LilyRae Bows on facebook and just had to ask some more questions!!

Here's what she has to say about her business:

I started making bows when my daughter had a dress for kindergarden gradudation and I couldn't find a hairpiece. So I decided to give it a shot.

Started out making just the flowers and then got more creative from there. So many of my friends would ask were I got the girls bows and I would say I made them. I had one lady at the post office buy one of the bows my daughter was wearing right off her head. I have sold to alot of my friends who are just having babies or kids of their own.

I normally only sell the ones that I have on my page unless someone messages me and I can find that ribbon to make the bows. I have had alot more requests coming in so it makes it fun. If it is in stock, the next day or same day it goes out, I only ship USPS and only except cash or money order. If the ones I have to make I can noramlly do a turn around in about a day or two. Depends on the size and if I have everything.

Fabulous! :D  Make sure you head over to her Facebook Page and check them out! She has a lot of styles and colors to choose from!  and make sure you let her know that Curly Hairdo Ideas sent you!!


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